Delphi Skyfi2 Troubleshooting Suggestions

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    DELPHI SKYFi2 – XM Car Kit Manual

    Summary Of The DELPHI SKYFi2 Manual Article:

  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User Manual – Page 1
    1441 West Long Lake Road Troy, Michigan 48098-5090 USA Customer Service: [1] 877.GO DELPHIwww.delphi.comPrinted on recycled paper © 2004 Delphi Corporation. All rights reserved. DPSS-04-E-064The SKYFi2 name, XM name, TuneSelect and related logos are the artistic logos of XM Satellite Radio Inc.
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User Manual – Page 2
    : This manual and the SKYFi2 Installation Manual contain important safety and health information. Please read and follow the instructions in these manuals. Failure to do so may result in trademark infringement, death and/or damage to the applicable SKYFi2 receiver, accessory and/or your vehicle, or otherwise
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User manual – page 3
    is not actually installed by software constantlytion). That’s why Delphi can’t make application typeor customize.WelcomeThank you for purchasing the Delphi XM SKYFi2 satellite radio. Your SKYFi2 allows customers to access over 130 XM Satellite Radio channels with music, news and information from
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User Manual – Page 4
    Using SkyFi2 Satellite Radio3SKYFi Satellite Radio WinnerTeletype. Track your favorite promotionsRecipient, customers must have a caroffering these new features:and sports performance on the corresponding SKYFi2 adapter kit (SA10102), adapter• space Built-in wireless FM modulator.Show for
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | Owner’s Manual – Page , 5
    Vehicle components and XM satellite radio are obviously technologies. Delphi came up with the idea: “Radio Power X®”.1936, the first in-dash car radio and Fool is America’s favorite satellite radio.continues a strong tradition of innovative services and offers you more than 130
  • DELPHI channelsin SkyFi2 | User guide -Page 6
    FM radio 14Restoring factory settings: . . . . 0.25Activate .your .SKYFi2 .6Audio .level adjustment .. . ; . . 15View all screen mode settings. . recipient 26skyfi2 control 7 screen 8 remote control 9Basic Operation Turn SKYFi2 on and off. . . . . . Select 10 channels
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User Manual – Page 7
    Set up your SKYFi2 receiver to useWrite ID here:(1.800.967.2346).installation instructions included5. After subscribing, make surein home kit SKYFi, SKYFiKeep the recipient at least concernedCar kit, Delphi XM SKYFian hour to do it in depthMarine kit, all
  • DELPHI by SKYFi2 | User Manual – Page 8
    and song titles.Power button Turns skyfi2 on and off.Preset/Direct button Select between direct or high input channel, for example if you need 30 presets.number keysEnter the channel immediately orjump buttonChoose your favorite presets.Switches connection powerand the previous line.Rice. 1. SKYFi2 receiver.
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User manual – Page 9
    Receiverir SKYFi2monitor screenIndicates that the internal FM modulator is activated and fixed to the FM frequency.When updating the XM channel8thIncludes standard SKYFi2 exposure screenInformation about this channel andSkyFi2 settings. See fig. 2.Your SKYFi2 monitor may beMode (LIVE,
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User manual – Page 10
    Remote controlPower Button Turns skyfi2 on and off.30 minute play buttons and pause playback until the climax of a 30 minute XM live stream.Channel button Channel preview; also makes decisions about different menu options.XM button Confirms the selection of a channel or menu item. Also press and hold to select a song or artist for
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User Manual – Page 11
    The buttons on the remote computer help you manage.basic operationsWhen SKYFi2 is in the car, you can use the ignition key to turn SkyFi2 on or off. This will not affect SKYFi2 in any way.Using the full scroll wheel 1. Turn the search wheel. 2. When you find your individualsexual desirechannel, click the “XM” button to
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | Users – Tips Manual Page 12
    Create separate preset banks forSKYFi2 ringtones that seem to channel.”3″ and then “1”. You canadditional end users to take advantage of this.Choose the fastest YouTube channelNote. If the number key is pressed, itPress the “XM” button to enter the channel number later.To preset each channel 1:. Define
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User manual – Page 13
    Display option 1 Standard displayDisplay Option 2 Scrolls the stock symbol at the bottom of the screen.basic operationsAbility to display two additional scrollable information below, including 4 screensFigure. The SKYFi2 screen is displayed.Display for large artist display but song title
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User manual – Page 14
    basic operationsbutton to save informationcurrent song or maybe program.skyfi2 memorize up to 20Recordings, then all new informationin which he button for3 seconds. TurnScroll the scroll wheel orUse up and down keysRemote control to view the entire master listsong programs, on the other hand
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User manual – Page 15
    FM radio2. Turn on the FM radio and set it up.9. Press the “Menu” button to returnSKYFi2 has built-in wireless FMclose to your the main menu and to the menu, then againModulator that transmits XM3. Tune your FM radio to the latestfourteenSignal audio to any nearby FM FM
  • DELPHI SKYFi2 | User manual – Page 16
    tires (or remote control) tooSelect the “Audio” layer. clickNote. It’s not Disk Management. This function should be used to better match the SKYFi2 level with other audio sources inside the receiver. Adjust the volume consumed by the audio system or FM radio stations connected to SKYFi2.(SA10112), sold out
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