Resolved: Suggestions To Fix Error 6 On SQL Initialization Plus Oracle 11g.

You should try these recovery methods when you get SQL initialization error 6 plus Oracle error 11g.

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    sqlplus: half a dozen failed to initialize SQL*Plus SP2-0067: sp1 message document. msb not found SP2-0750: You may need to set ORACLE_HOME to your own Oracle software directory. If the voice message file exists. Then the root cause of this problem is usually PATH.

    I recently completely uninstalled the 11g client (using the universal installer) while installing the latest 10g full client on a Windows XP workstation. When I try to run SQLPLUS I get:

    SP2-0750: You may need to set ORACLE_HOME to Oracle Software Directory

    I’m sure sp1us.msb is in C:oracleproduct10.2.0client_1slqplusmesg (12Kb size)

    and I tried removing the ORACLE_HOME environment variable completely. Fortunately, in both cases I get the same error

    I tried to set ORACLE_HOME=C:oracleproduct10.2.0client_1 (note the backslash) and got another error saying Oracle is not working properly (sorry I didn’t write that) . errors).

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the 10g client at least 3 years ago.

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    My sysadmin, on behalf of 12c, walked me through the installation process of Oracle Instant Client meticulously. Basically copying the best folder to C:Program Filesoraclnt12102 and setting environment variables at the top:
    and update PATH.

    When I run the ORACLE_HOME folder in sqlplus everything works fine.

    But when I call it from another file (C:>sqlplus) I get the message:
    Error 10 when initializing SQL*Plus
    SP2-0667: Sp1 message file not found.msb
    SP2-0750: You may need to set ORACLE_HOME in the program directory of your Oracle software

    What am I doing wrong (other than I have Win10 ^^)

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    After installing Oracle Instant Client, you suddenly encounter this issue when running the command buyer: sqlplus

    Error 6 when initializing sql*plusBUT
    SP2-0667: sp1.msb message file not always found
    SP2-0750: You may need to set ORACLE_HOME to your company’s Oracle software directory.

    1. Create a trusted lib directory in Oracle, your Instant Client directory.

    error 6 initializing sql plus oracle 11g

    2. Copy ojdbc6.jar, ojdbc5.jar, xtreams.jar, in addition to the whole .file i.e. in the lib directory.

    error 6 initializing sql plus oracle 11g

    3. Create a Trash directory under the Oracle Instant Client directory.

    4. For reference, copy the files genezi, adrci,, sqlplus and uidrvci to the bin directory.

    5. Create a sqlplus/admin directory on the Oracle Instant Client site and copy the glogin.sql file to this directory.

    6. Create a network/admin directory under the Oracle Instant Client directory.


    (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST equals )(PORT=1521))




    Oracle Instant Client 12.1 SP2-0667: message file sp1.msb not found

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