Solving The Problem With Flexnet License Error 10015

Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they are facing flexnet license error 10015.

Updated: ASR Pro

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    Sunoffice products;




    Problem: The Service Does Not Start And A Message Appears After Clicking

    Run A Status Query

    Adskflex: No Link To Socket Website For License Server Manager.
    License Path: SERVERNAME;
    flexnet License Error: -7. 10015



  • Invalid/corrupted license file.
  • The service points to the old one (either the location of either file, the debug.log file is in the correct directory).
  • Solution:

  • Regenerate the license file from your Autodesk Account by following the instructions for creating a network license file from your Autodesk Account.
  • Note. Make sure the hostname and MAC address match what is displayed in LMTools.

  • Regenerate the file from the service using the Configure Service File tab.
    1. Delete existing service.
    2. Or file

    3. check swap licenses and your debug directory to write the same for lmgrd process.
    4. Note. by Default location should be with Next: C:AutodeskNetwork License Manager.
    5. new

    6. Create a service and an idea for the lmgrd file, license image and debug. and log file and send them to the license catalog manager in C:AutodeskNetwork.
    7. Keep the service enabled.
    8. In Lmtools, go to Start/Stop/Play to a specific tab and click Start Service.


    After following the steps below, you may need to reset

    How do I fix Matlab license error?

    To resolve this error, try the following: Make sure the SERVER line in your license file complements the SERVER line in the license file on your license server. On client systems, the license file is located in $MATLABbinwin32license.Dat; On your authorization server, the license file is simply $MATLABflexlmlicense.

    in the command line (cmd):

    1. In Windows, click Start.
    2. Type “cmd” and run it as a system administrator.
    3. Type the following command, then type:
      reset netsh winsock
    4. Restart your computer.

    Installation instructions


    License Manager Error Messages

    How do I fix my FlexNet licensing error?

    Launch the Windows Task Manager. Yougo to services.Right-click the service named FlexNet.Go to properties.Select Connect.Select the local system OK.Go to the server and read.


    Here are some brief common types of license managers.Errors are sorted by error number. For more complete diagnostics and informationError reporting information is available on the mathworks website at click Support. See license for helpMore information about the manager’s considerations.

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