Payne Oven Troubleshooting Problem Solution

This guide has been created to help you when you receive a payne oven troubleshooting error.

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    Your electric oven won’t turn on Often the problem is that the device is turned off, the circuit breaker has tripped, or the stiffener has exploded.

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    Where is the reset button on a Payne furnace?

    All ovens are equipped with a reset button, usually red or yellow, and probably located in the fan compartment.

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    What Can I Do Now?

    How do you reset the pilot light on a Payne furnace?

    Find the gas valve.Turn the gas valve to the “off” position.Install the gas valve after five to ten minutes of supplying the “pilot” gas.Find your driver.boxin gear “Pilot” hold the link or press the button.

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    Payne’s Central Heating Codes

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  • Step 1: Go to the ASR Pro website and click on the "Download" button
  • Step 2: Follow the on-screen instructions to install ASR Pro
  • Step 3: Open ASR Pro and click on the "Scan now" button

  • Payne Furnace Gas has comprehensive, dedicated diagnostics built into it to identify and correct related errors. uses the Oven LED to describe the status. This may be indicated by the opening of the fan access panel. YouYou can request corrective action in response to the virtual errors indicated by the LED.

    The short blink LED score is the first digit of the two-digit step of the error code. The long flashing zone of the corresponding LED represents the second digit of the error code.

    CODE: LED2 ON.
    RESULT: Microprocessor failure. also turn on the power. Remove the jumper and set the configuration switch to the “OFF” position last. If LED2 lights up again, replace the main control board.

    CODE: 11.
    RESULT: NO ERRORS LAST IN THE HISTORY SCREEN – Indicates that no errors were found in the last five scans. To display the history of the last read errors, set the “SW-1” setup-use switch to the “ON” position. To clear the history of recent errors, set the method switch “SW-1” to position A “on”. You bridge the thermostat terminals “R”, “W/W1” at the same time, not forgetting “Y/Y2” until any “11” flashes.

    CODE: 12.
    RESULT : FAN CALIBRATION LOCK. Indicates that two consecutive attempts have achieved minimum heat calculated RPMs below 250 rpm or above 1300 rpm. Automatic reset after three correct hours. turn on the device again and refer to error no. 44, article.

    payne furnace troubleshoot

    CODE: 13.
    RESULT: LIMIT SWITCHES Displays blocking – the number of times 10 consecutive high heat cutouts three or consecutive low heat cutouts. Total automatic reset three after hours. Check * or Inappropriate mistightening of stopper and/or aligned grip guard. * Incorrect low air flow setting of the heater or. * The solenoid is stuck in the gas valve when it is very hot.

    CODE: 14.
    RESULT: IGNITION LOCK – After several hours of checking, it is automatically reset. See No. 34.

    Why is my Payne furnace not working?

    Try cleaning the flame meter with a thin sponge. If the oven still does not heat up, repair the flame sensor. The dominant body that regulates the power supply for the market of all components of the entire oven. If the control board fails, it may not be supplying voltage to the ignition system, which is preventing the central heating system from heating up.

    CODE: 21.
    RESULT: WRONG MODEL CHOICE. what Indicates whether the product or service is missing or incorrect. See wiring diagram for correct position.The entrance to the door.

    Result: CONFIGURATION – Indicates that switch “SW-1” is set incorrectly or “sw-6”. The following combinations justify the error: *From calling the thermostat using “SW-1” or “on” calling the thermostat using or “sw-6” “on.” and “sw-1” “SW-6” both options are “On. “together.

    payne furnace troubleshoot

    CODE: 23.
    RESULT: INCORRECT FAN AIRFLOW SELECTION – Displays wrong “a/c” setting with “cf” switch. And 042 14 units can deliver 1-1/2 tons with 3-1/2 air conditioners and 600 to 1400 cpm for continuous blowers. Models 060 and Unit Can 20 can hold up to 2.5 tons of air conditioners and only 800 to 2000 CFM of continuous fans. code If blinking, the version will use the closest airflow allowed by default.

    CODE: 24.
    RESULT: secondary voltage fuse IS OPEN: check They – Short circuit in secondary voltage wiring (24 VAC). PRESSURE SWITCH DOES NOT CLOSE OR OPEN – If the inductor has beenclosed for more than 7 minutes, it will turn off for twelve to fifteen minutes before trying again.: check Excessive wind -.

    CODE: 31.
    RESULT: Proper inlet size — Faulty coil system — Low coil voltage (115 VAC) — Faulty pressure switch — Insufficient combustion air supply — Clogged vent — Disconnected or clogged discharge line Low — Inlet gas pressure (when using LGPS) If this occurs during the opening of the fan on delay, the fan will turn on due to the selected fan off delay.

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